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Amber Rudd MP
blog post

Thank You For Voting!

After a long, hard fought and enjoyable local election campaign, we would like to thank every single resident who went out to vote for one of our local candidates.

We have a fantastic new group of local Councillors in Maze Hill, St Helens, Conquest and Ashdown, all bringing brand new ideas, enthusiasm and energy to the Group.

For a full election result breakdown follow this link.

Once again, thank you for voting and please do continue to do so as we continue to campaign for Amber Rudd MP.

blog post

2014 Hastings Council Manifesto

manDear Resident,

There is no denying that Hastings Borough Council has had to face up to many challenges since 2010. The mess that the last Labour Government left behind has rightly meant that the Coalition Government has had to make tough decisions to get Britain back on track.

Councils across the country are now having to think, act, organise and provide services differently and more efficiently. Conservative Councils in other towns are doing this well. As Conservative Leader I believe we can do the same in Hastings. Improving the services we offer to residents by being more efficient, all the while ensuring we use residents’ hard earned money carefully.

With Labour’s poor record in Council and our hard work, despite being in opposition, we know Hastings deserves better and, as Conservatives, we can achieve this. In this document you will find our plan for the next Council term.

Everyone hopes this town, your town will reach its full potential. All of us want our children our families and friends to grow up and live in a town that has proper opportunities and a future.

My message to you is, it’s time to stop hoping for something better and start voting for something better.

This year, vote Conservative on May 22nd.

Cllr Robert Cooke
Conservative Group Leader

Download a copy of the Conservative Manifesto.